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The app, the framework and this website were created by me, Tom Mohr.
However, the original idea for Particle Life is by Jeffrey Ventrella, who called it “Clusters”.

I see my contribution as follows: I did …

  • simplify the rules of particle life while keeping its complex behavior.
  • generalize the concept.
  • write a fast Java framework for simulating those systems.
  • write a front end software for controlling that framework.

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Source Code / Download Language Platform by
Java Windows Tom Mohr JavaScript Web Jeffrey Ventrella C++ Windows Code Parade aka HackerPoet JavaScript Web Christian Petersen
Kotlin Android Ridwan Farouki Processing / Java   The Letter A   Windows Softology Python   Science Mathematics aka ebokai
Java   Tim Trussner Java   Tim Trussner C++ Windows Brainxyz aka hunar4321 Rust   ChevyRay WebGL, TypeScript Web Elias Hogstvedt aka CapsAdmin Godot, C++ Windows, Linux Niclas Eriksen

Jeffrey Ventrella also created an app for iOS that is not available on the App Store anymore and a virtual reality version (in collaboration with “Leap Motion”).