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CLI Options ‚Äč

All UI controls have a corresponding CLI option. To see all available options, run particle-life -h. For example, the -p <int> option will set the position mode upon startup:

particle-life -p 4

This initializes particle position with a spiral, as if the user had pressed p, followed by 4:

     oOo:  oo:o
   :O.         OO
   @            ::
   0.     @      .
    @0   @@

Instead of having the interactive GUI open, you can also simply print the output to stdout with the -o flag. Use -O instead if you want the frame to be rendered in-place in the terminal, but still in stdtout.

If you only want the program to display a single frame and then quit, add the -q flag. This allows you to do something like this:

C:\users\tom> particle-life -oq | tee frame.txt

This will write the first rendered frame into a new file frame.txt.

If no -z <float> option is given, the zoom is set to fit the larger screen dimension, as if the user had pressed Z.